Brian is one of the most passionate, hardworking, experienced and intelligent people I’ve worked with. No matter how complex the problem is, he will always come up with a brilliant solution through his technical expertise and dedication. His ability to craft visual narratives and bring a story to life is something I’ve seen only rarely.

More than this though, Brian is also an inspiring mentor that really cares about his teams and colleagues. He has an ability to really create the most wonderful work environments. He is a great asset to any company and will always have a recommendation from me.

Louise Peacock, One Green Bean
Louise Peacock
It’s a rare opportunity, working with someone as ridiculously talented as Brian. Over the last year, we’ve teamed up to conceptualise and produce the kind of high-value media that’s establishing GetSmarter as SA’s leader in not only online education, but also in Content Marketing! He is constantly driving innovation in the team, and his exceptional leadership ability, along with his remarkable mix of creativity and efficiency, make him a serious asset to any project.
Natasha Nel, GetSmarter
Natasha Nel
Brian worked with my company in producing a stunning corporate video for us. I found him extremely efficient, knowledgeable and professional and enjoyed working with him. I will gladly recommend him to anyone that requires any of the services he offers!!
Stéfan Dovton, Prins & Prins
Stéfan Dovton
I would recommend Brian Shaw as a Manager, Leader, Producer and Creative Director on any project. He is a great leader who creates a fun and effective working atmosphere. He is approachable and easy to talk to regarding problems, and will always give anything he does 150%. The amount of hours per day needed on a project are not important to him, quality and work of a high production standard as well as meeting deadlines is what is important to him. He achieves this easily through motivation of others and being a ‘Team Player’ at all times. He is always willing to give new team members a chance, if he sees potential in them he invests hiS time and is happy to train them as much as needed as he identifies with their dedication and passion to create quality videos, advertisements and productions. Brian is constantly researching to stay up to date with trends regarding editing tools, styles and anything that could add to the production value of a video. I have worked with Brian on many projects to date, and would do it again and again. Always a pleasure
Anthea Galatis, GetSmarter
Anthea Galatis